Subaru Sequential Transmissions



Both 6 speed sequential Impreza gearboxes are fully designed and manufactured in house, they utilize a bespoke casting and our 22mm width gear set.

The smaller gearbox uses a standard 5 speed centre diff, the larger box uses a standard 6 speed centre diff.

A donor centre diff is required for either build.

Both boxes use the standard fit drive shafts & prop shafts, they do require some modification as our mounting points are slightly different.

Both come with a plated front LSD and we have a range of drop gears to suit rear diff ratios.

The smaller box is fully proven and out in the marketplace competing successfully.


The large box is finished it’s testing program and is now  currently in production.

This has been tested accordingly to give an official rating of 700ftlbs torque capacity.

4XL SERIES (4wd)


Gear Ratio Lists