inGear Products

ingear Performance has started a small line of products for the 4AGE engine and general motorsport use.

Toyota T50 Rear “C” clip retainer

Price $95 +GST

Developed by us at inGear Performance  to stop the rear Mainshaft clip from popping out of it’s groove and the bearing moving back on the shaft and ruining your gearbox. We have seen this happen a few times, especially in Race and Rally applications.




4AGE 16Valve belt tensioner

Price $220 +GST

Developed by the leading Formula Atlantic teams in the USA to stop the cam belt wipping on the long side between the exhaust cam gear and bottom crank gear.

inGear performance has designed and made their own copy of this device, made from CNC machined 7075 alloy with a 4140 steel roller and high performance bearings.



4AGE Cam Seal Retainer plates

Price $65 a pair +GST
inGear Performance has developed these retainer plates to stop the camshaft seals from “popping” out of the head, this tends to be an issue on engines that have had the factory backing plate behind the cams removed.




In-Tank Fuel Pump Kits

Price $215 +GST
inGear Performance has developed a solution for mounting an In-tank fuel pump into your plastic fuel cell.

These are made from 6061 alloy and come with a fuel resistant rubber gasket and clamp set for secure mounting to your fuel cell.

The fuel fittings are AN-6 and have an “O” ring seal to prevent leakage and fumes, electrical connectors are a 3 pin Military spec, Amphenol sealed type fitting.

The kit is designed to hold a Walbro, DeatschWerks, or similar type fuel pumps, custom tank depths avalible.

All that is required to fit this kit is YOUR FUEL PUMP, and 3 inch diameter hole saw and a 6.0mm Drill bit.












4AGE Water pump blanking plate

Price $230 +GST
Developed by us at inGear Performance a solution for removing the factory water pump when converting to an electric inline water pump.

This cover allows water to flow from the block through the back half of the water pump housing, CNC Made from 6061 alloy and anodized gold for longevity.



All prices are in New Zealand Dollars

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