Speedway Racing transmissions, Yes we have them!

Hi Guys,

We have available  an inline, two speed, dog or Synchro gearbox as used in Speedway applications that use a Doug Nash type gearbox.

The gearbox utilizes standard Winter 10 spline drop gears to quickly alter your overall gearing without needing to change diff.

Ultra tough construction for rough terrain, gears are REM super finished increasing life and reducing friction. The material used has a core strength of approximately 30% greater than most manufactured gears.


  • Doug Nash mounting face
  • Completely interchangeable with Doug Nash gearbox, both castings and all internals.
  • Fixed 1.6 1st gear and 1.00 2nd gear ratios, altered with drop gears
  • Input shaft either fine (26) spline or course (10) spline is included in the price
  • Aluminium case construction
  • Drop gear system to change overall ratios quickly and cost effectively drop gears are not included with the gearbox, it uses Standard Winter 10 spline drop gears.