Added Subaru 6 speed sequential transmissions


We have just added some information about the Subaru 6 speed racing gearboxes available from Elite Racing Transmissions.

There are now 2 versions of the Subaru transmission, both are 6 speed sequential.
The smaller 4XL250 6s is based on the early 5 Speed box.
The New 4XL350 6s is based on the 6 speed box.
The limiting factor on the smaller Subaru transmission is the crown wheel and pinion size.
 Where the larger box runs a bigger crown wheel and pinion and is stronger.
Both transmissions run the same gear set.The smaller 4XL250 6s is rated at up to 450ftlbs tourqe.
You need a donor 5 speed center diff and this box uses the standard 5 speed drive shafts and prop.

The larger 4XL350 6s is based on the 6 speed box, so uses the standard 6 speed center diff, shafts and prop. This is rated to around 700ftlbs!.

Both Subaru transmissions use a 3.9 final drive at the front, and the drop
gears can compensate for a 4.1 or 4.4 at the rear.We can provide the sequential lever and mount. then you make a rod with
rose joint at either end, or run a push pull cable.
Or you can couple it up to your current gear lever.
The way these transmissions are built is to send a center diff to the factory in England, and they fit it all during assembly & test it.
Or If it’s cheaper, Elite can source a center diff in Europe and send it to you complete, to save the freight sending a Diff it around the world.
Both transmissions come with a front plated LSD and you can choose your own ramp angles!

Updated Website

Hi Team,

We have updated the website to include a motorcycle engine style transmissions information section.

Also new links [More info]  for each product, so there is now much more information about each product.

Hopefully you will take the time to look through these new links.

Jamie Hodgins

Diff housing and LSD modifications

Over the last few weeks we have taken some time to remove the TRD LSD unit from the car and adjust the preload.

The car was having issues putting the power down out of corners, causing snap over-steer, while it looks fun to drive the lap times were getting slower!

The LSD unit only had 30lbs of pre-load, the TRD setting is around 80lbs.

So after we added some new shims we have the pre-load at 120lbs, we thought this was correct due to the fact we run on racing slicks and these generate much more grip than an “R” type tire.

photo 4 photo 1