Successful weekends racing at Teretonga raceway, New Zealand

Last weekend we ran the car for the first time at a full race meeting to see how our Elite Racing transmissions, IL200-6s transmission would go over 3 days of competition.

As expected the transmission worked perfectly and was a real pleasure to use compared to the old Quaife 5 speed dog box we had.

The car has now set a new lap record at Teretonga raceway, Invercargill,  New Zealand, for the 1600cc class, taking 1:06.521sec to complete the 2.62km Track!







We put the camera in the car for the last flying farewell race, the rolling start did not suit our 200hp engine! but we still managed to finish 1st under 2L car and 8th out of 42 cars!

See the incar YouTube clip


inGear Toyota Starlet ready for it’s next race meeting

Over the last couple of months we have spent more time developing the car by making an aero kit with a new Front Splitter and Rear Diffuser.













We have also modified the engine and changed it over to a dry sump lubrication system. Added to these modifications are a new exhaust manifold Tri Y type, and light weight stainless exhaust system. The car has been back on the dyno and we have gained more torque with no loss in power.













The last time the car ran at the track we noticed fluctuations in the fuel pressure via our Racpak data logger, this was due to the lift pumps that supply the main fuel system being to small. So we decided to design and fit our own in-tank hi pressure pump system, using DEATSCHWERKS DW200 fuel pumps.