Elite racing transmissions IL200 stripped

This week we removed the transmission out of the car to fit a gear position sensor, and give it a quick check it over.

As you can see in the top images this transmission is quite simple, and the design well thought out, as when you remove the rear plate from the box the whole gear-set and shift mechanism removes in a magazine style assembly.

The gearbox design also allows you to quickly change the overall gearing of the car via a set of drop gears behind the bell housing and front gearbox cover.

inGear Performance & Elite racing transmissions sell a range of drop gears and ratios for their transmissions to suit any application, and these are much cheaper than a Crown-wheel and pinion set and much faster to change over as well!


Track Testing of the IL200 at Levels raceway Timaru

Last weekend we had a chance to take the car to Levels raceway in Timaru New Zealand to try out the gearbox on a track for the first time. With the cold conditions and track temp there was not much grip to be had, but the Elite IL200 worked perfectly all day and was an absolute joy to use.

The speed of the shifts was amazing!

See the In-car Youtube clip!