New Water pump delete plates

New Water pump delete plates just arrived, these go in place of the factory water pump so you can remove it when running a Electric water pump system similar to a Davies Craig EWP, etc.

Prices on our products page.



2016 Toyota Festival at Highlands Motorsport park

A couple of months ago we had the opportunity to take the car to Cromwell, Central Otago here in New Zealand to meet up with other Toyota enthusiasts for the 2016 Toyota Festival.

We also got to take to the track and try out the Highlands GT circuit for the first time.

This was a great weekend experience and I will look forward to it next year!

Custom made Toyota T50 Gear kits available

Is any one after a Toyota T50 close ratio gear kit in a dog ring or syncro engagement for Rally or Racing events?

Then give us a call and we can order and fit a gear kit to your gearbox here in New Zealand or contact Jamie at Houseman Motorsport directly.

They also manufacture other makes and models of gear kits.

These are designed and made Canada and are used by various class champions in the USA.

inGear Performance Toyota starlet wins class at hill climb

Last weekend we took the car to Queenstown, New Zealand to compete in the 2015 Bridgestone Coronet Peak Hill Climb.

The course starts half way up a ski field access road and takes you almost to the very top, on a day driving in very trying conditions we managed to win our class and finish in the top 10 for the day.


Toyota Atlantic 4AGE Engine build


We have a very cool engine in the workshop for a rebuild at the moment, it is a Loyning’s Formula Atlantic Toyota TRD 4AGE, a very rare engine in this part of the world!

The plan is to rebuild it for rally use, so we are fitting new Cams with a bit less duration but the same amount of lift, the 4 stage dry sump pump has been modified to a simpler 3 stage that is also shorter for fitment in to the AE86 rally car.

The Ingear Performance team has also made some modifications of our own to the new block and TRD intake system.

The customer plans to run this with one of our IL300 6speed sequential transmissions, this should be quite a quick little car!


Redline oils in Synchromesh transmissions

Over the Past few months I have seen a number of gearboxes coming to me with damaged Synchro rings and Hubs all using a common oil, that the customer thought was the best stuff to use for their application.

The Redline brand of oils are excellent, but the issue is people using the wrong type of oil for their application.

Redline Shock proof oils should only be used in final drives and dog boxes only! as it has friction modifiers that do not work well with synchromesh gear boxes.

If you are going to use Redline oil in your Synchromesh gear box, please use only MT-90 75W90 GL-4 Gear Oil.

Speedway Racing transmissions, Yes we have them!

Hi Guys,

We have available  an inline, two speed, dog or Synchro gearbox as used in Speedway applications that use a Doug Nash type gearbox.

The gearbox utilizes standard Winter 10 spline drop gears to quickly alter your overall gearing without needing to change diff.

Ultra tough construction for rough terrain, gears are REM super finished increasing life and reducing friction. The material used has a core strength of approximately 30% greater than most manufactured gears.


  • Doug Nash mounting face
  • Completely interchangeable with Doug Nash gearbox, both castings and all internals.
  • Fixed 1.6 1st gear and 1.00 2nd gear ratios, altered with drop gears
  • Input shaft either fine (26) spline or course (10) spline is included in the price
  • Aluminium case construction
  • Drop gear system to change overall ratios quickly and cost effectively drop gears are not included with the gearbox, it uses Standard Winter 10 spline drop gears.